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I Can Help You — I've Been There, Too

From a young age, Gregory Colvin knew that he wanted to help people in need but it was not always clear to him how he would do it. The answer came in the form of inspiration delivered by his 9th grade Civics teacher, who taught him of an attorney’s role to assist people in their time of need and beneficially influence society as a whole. His life’s purpose was clear from then on: help people by upholding the law and encouraging them to find positive solutions to the problems we all have to face daily.

Mr. Colvin attended the University of Florida – a natural fit as a lifelong fan of the Gators – and graduated with his Bachelors, Masters, and Law Degrees in hand. When he came back to Orlando, the city that raised him, he set right to work at putting his knowledge and skills to good use. He was able to land a Partnership spot at one of the premier personal injury firms in Florida. After seeing the true extent of his own potential, he established R. Gregory Colvin, LLC, his own practice, in 1987.

He continued to use his personal injury experience to pursue compensation for the wrongfully injured but another calling soon came his way: family law. Physical pain can be debilitating but emotional wounds can be the deepest – something he knew firsthand. Growing up, he was supported by a single mother and he is a single father of daughter, Skylar. When he realized he could use his legal prowess to help people manage with the complications and painful moments attributed to divorce, he refocused his efforts on family law.

No Problem is Impossible When We Work Together

Gregory prefers to be a sole practitioner, or an attorney who controls all aspects of his practice. What this means for you, his client, is that you will be afforded the unique opportunity to closely work with him directly during every step of your divorce or family law dispute. When you have to take your case to court, it will be Gregory there to defend your best interests and rights.

When you team up with Attorney Colvin, you will be treated like a close friend in all aspects of your case. He knows that most of us cannot simply reschedule plans or work shifts when necessary in order to have a legal consultation. To address this commonplace issue, he permits free initial consultations during the evening and the weekends. When you are faced with a particularly alarming problem and need legal counsel right away, as his client, you can reach him any hour of the day, any day of the week.

No matter how you approach a situation that requires litigation, there is going to be some amount of stress, especially when it is centered on a matter as private as your family life. By providing you with reliable, honest, and compassionate legal service, Mr. Colvin can help remove as much stress from the situation as possible without compromising what would be best for you. As a former Supreme Court Certified Mediator, he is well-equipped and ready to handle even the most complicated cases for you as amicably and efficiently as possible.

Get Experience On Your Side

Since 1987, R. Gregory Colvin has been serving Orlando area families. Call (407) 759-5002 today to get started and schedule a consultation.

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